Wandercoaching Greening Hohenheim 


Motivation, many exciting upcoming projects, team-building, lots of fun: There is no better way to sum up these three days of WanderCoaching!

Our coaches Leo and Tim took us on a journey, on the path from sustainability to various methods, group structure and communication to project management, only to finally go home with a pretty full suitcase. First we learned a lot about ourselves including our motives, our skills, our goals. We got to know each other better personally and had space to appreciate ourselves and our actions. After this, we were able to visualize how we would like to organize ourselves in the future and where our own team journey should actually go. Sharing and reflection played just as important a role as our visions and the concrete planning of the upcoming projects.

We were able to learn some new methods and ideas and to make some decision-making processes clearer and to visualize projects in a nutshell. And most important: we had the chance to build S.M.A.R.T. goals and start organizing two projects. These projects were a clothes swap party and a big Green Christmas Charity Fair that we managed to organize later in the semester with big success.

Especially before a very busy and action-packed semester, it was good to sit down again, share ideas and be able to apply some of the newly learned methods right away.

Personal discussions, joint brainstorming and a very open atmosphere motivated us for the coming months. In addition, we were able to start the year with a suitcase full of ideas, visions and goals.

Thank you very much for this amazing and much-needed WanderCoaching that brought us even closer as a group and we are curious how the path will continue. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to take part in the coaching, the good time we spent together  and we are looking forward to meeting you again!